Finding Lucy


…I thought this novel had everything. The storytelling was seamless, vivid and cleverly delivered. The characters were brilliantly created and developed throughout the storey. I felt as though I knew them myself, indeed that they were my friends. It was just perfect. I loved the issues within this story; loneliness, love, fear, friendship, need, family and mental illness. I absolutely drank it all in and wished there was more. I hated finishing the story I enjoyed it so much.  (Joan Hill, WebGalley)

…This book hooked me in from the start…It is fascinating to see the relationships within the book change and develop. The ending is very sad, I really did feel an emotional investment in the characters by this point…Brilliant book 5 stars. (Julie Robinson, WebGalley)

Gripping and moving. A fascinating story with emotional literacy. The story moves quickly with different narrators giving insight into their experiences and perceptions without losing the storyline. Reading it, want to know what happens next. (Amazon Customer)

Oh my days, fantastic book very sensitively written and a thought provoking read. I just loved the way this author described all her characters and I soon found I knew them all personally…A good ending but definitely the right one. Well done Diana I look forward to your next masterpiece and well worthy of five stars (wish I could give it more). (Carol Drinkwater, WebGalley)




Finding Lucy_FINAL[1095]

Diana Finley’s second book, FINDING LUCY, is a tense, psychological thriller about every parent’s worst nightmare; a missing child.  Alison –  a complex and troubled character – is determined to have a child of her own.  When this doesn’t seem possible, she decides there is only one option open to her: to steal one from parents she regards as undeserving.

Follow her sinister, intricate preparations to identify and steal a child – and the fast-paced but moving story of what happens to Alison, to the child, and to her birth parents in the many years that follow.


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